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Adult Public Speaking

1:1 and group Adult Public Speaking classes

Private 1:1 Public Speaking coaching session

Are you nervous about speaking in public? Do you dread talking in an interview and promoting yourself?Have you been asked to make a wedding speech? Is there an upcoming presentation that needs refining and expert advice? I'm here to help.


This is a personalised session where I will work with you to enhance your public speaking abilities. During the session, I will provide constructive feedback on various aspects such as voice modulation, body language, content structure, and overall delivery. The coaching may involve targeted exercises, practice speeches, and tailored strategies to address specific areas of improvement. The aim is to build your confidence, refine your communication skills, and help you connect effectively with your audience. The one-on-one nature of the session allows for individualized attention, enabling you to progress at your own pace and receive personalised guidance tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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In person/online/home sessions

Group Public Speaking Session

Elevate Your Team's Communication Skills with Our Dynamic Workplace Public Speaking Sessions unlock the Power of Persuasive Communication and Boost Team Performance!

 What's in Store for Your Team?

  • Tailored Learning Experience: I will customize sessions to address your team's unique workplace scenarios and challenges.

  • Interactive Group Activities: Foster teamwork and camaraderie while honing communication skills through engaging exercises designed for real-world applications.

  • Confidence Building: Empower your team members to confidently address colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, creating a positive impact in every interaction.

  • Relevant Workplace Scenarios: Practice presentations and discussions centered around your industry, ensuring the skills learned are immediately applicable to your work environment.

  • Collaborative Learning: Leverage the power of group dynamics as your team supports each other's growth, creating a cohesive communication style aligned with your organization's goals.

  • Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Improved Team Collaboration

  • Enhanced Client and Stakeholder Interactions

  • Increased Employee Confidence

  • Aligned Communication Strategies

  • Greater Workplace Productivity

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Invest in your team's success! Contact us now to schedule a workplace public speaking session tailored to your organization's needs.

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In person/online/work place sessions

Block of 1:1 Public Speaking Coaching

  • Individualized Attention: Benefit from exclusive, one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

  • Accelerated Growth: Experience rapid improvement with a dedicated coach focused solely on your personal development as a speaker.

  • Customized Feedback: Receive pinpoint feedback on your voice modulation, body language, and content delivery, ensuring every aspect of your presentation is polished to perfection.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Adapt the sessions to your busy life, with flexible timings and a pace that suits your learning style.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Unshakeable Confidence

  • Compelling Presentation Skills

  • Enhanced Verbal Artistry

  • Engaging Storytelling Techniques

  • Mastery of Audience Connection

Who Can Benefit:

Perfect for professionals, executives, and anyone aiming to excel in public speaking, whether for presentations, pitches, or personal development.

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Invest in your speaking prowess! Elevate your communication skills to new heights with private 1:1 coaching.

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In person/online/home sessions

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