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drama classes in clontarf

Why Speech and Drama?

Every child deserves to be confident. For some, confidence is tricky. What about being able to articulate themselves in difficult situations? Or even just talking to adults they might not feel comfortable with? Life is all about communication and it is vital that we develop our communication skills from an early age. Start today.


Big crowds, daunting audiences, job interviews, presentations, formal appointments, the list goes on… We require a certain set of tools to get by in life. We need to learn how to speak up, speak out and ensure we are being listened to.

Kids drawing for fun
Children having drama fun
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drama for fun

How Does It Work?

Small group classes in a very relaxed yet structured environment allow children to feel safe in their self-expression. Students can explore their voice, and new ideas and improve their communication skills in different ways. The small classes also allow children to explore their creative side and have fun doing it!

What is Speech and Drama all about?

Through Speech and Drama, confidence is developed. By facilitating opportunities to express ourselves through drama, we can explore different scenarios and feelings. We become equipped to deal with the various things life will throw at us because we have already improvised our way through it in drama class. Stretching the imagination builds our ability to think on the spot!

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